Restaurant Review – Pebbles Cafe

I know the words Cafe and restaurant do not normally belong together, but Pebbles Cafe have actually managed to pull off being both. Evening dining is just starting this week and this review is as a result of being invited for a preview evening.  These are the evenings where things … Continue reading

Becoming a Florist

“I’ve had an idea” is a phrase that causes me to batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst when uttered by my better half.  This is probably more a reflection on me than on any of her ideas.  Perhaps it is a fear of change or of the … Continue reading

Seaweed Baths – Spa from a male perspective

The last thing I expected to find myself doing last weekend was having a seaweed bath.  I’m male.  I have not embraced my feminine side.  I never dallied with eye liner or wore my sisters clothes.  Never the less, there I was lying in a bath full of seaweed in … Continue reading

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