Christmas Wreaths

We have just completed making our Christmas Wreaths! Christmas Wreaths have become a trend setting item this year.  Perhaps it’s part of the whole nostalgia that a recession brings.  There are lots of different types of wreaths available throughout the country at the moment.  We saw what was on offer … Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Pebbles Cafe

I know the words Cafe and restaurant do not normally belong together, but Pebbles Cafe have actually managed to pull off being both. Evening dining is just starting this week and this review is as a result of being invited for a preview evening.  These are the evenings where things … Continue reading

Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Discrimination

Discrimination is still alive and well in Dublin.  I am not talking about the sort of blatant racial discrimination that has blighted the city for years.  I am talking about a more subtle form of discrimination that seems to be largely aimed at our european neighbours.  A discrimination that involves … Continue reading

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