BaByliss for men 6 in 1 grooming set Review

You know you’re getting older when you get a birthday present that includes a nose hair trimmer.  It’s a true mark of acceptance when you are happy to receive it!

BaByliss products suck

The BaByliss for Men 6 in 1 Personal Grooming Kit. All singing, All dancing, No Cutting!

BaByliss for Men Review

I got the BaByliss 6 in 1 personal grooming kit which was purchased in Boots. Yes, I know where the present was purchased, which does not bode well for the rest of this review.

Eyebrow Trimmer

I opened the box and out came an assortment of attachments.  The unit is rechargeable and comes with a docking station that holds the sundry attachments too.  So far so good, but I couldn’t identify one of the attachments at all.  It turned out to be an eyebrow trimmer.  That was not something I needed but I was amused by it.

Beard Trimming

What I was really interested in was the beard trimming attachments (which I am assured was the reason for the purchase – not so much the nose trimmer).  It comes with two adjustable combs to let you trim your beard to the desired length.  Fabulous.

I hate trimming my beard by hand nearly as much as I disliked shaving in the days when I had no beard.  This is why I was able to overlook the nasal trimmer and eyebrow trimming attachments.  I couldn’t wait to let the clipper glide over my face and leave me looking less like Grisly Adams and more like, like, like, well, more presentable than usual.

I did wait though.  I waited a full day, just to make sure that the unit was fully charged.  I made sure my beard was clean and dry before I started as suggested in the manual.  I am a bloke therefore I read them cover to cover.  Off I went to the bathroom with the BaByliss clippers confident that I was about to have the quickest and least troublesome beard trim of my life.

The Verdict

What a disappointment the BaByliss was.  It really struggled to cut.  I don’t have an overly thick beard (hair width).  I would say it is about average.  Instead of cutting effortless swathes through my growth it instead cut some hairs and not most of them.  Worse still, the adjustable comb changed length all by itself which would have left me with an uneven trim even if it had managed to cut some hair.

I persevered.  In defense of the BaByliss 6 in 1 I can say that the battery seems to last a good long time.  After a good solid 5 mins of trying to trim one half of my face, I gave up.  Surely the purpose of an electric trimmer is to make the process easier than doing it manually?  Not so according to BaByliss it seems.

I really should have taken a picture at that point, but I was too busy being disgruntled to think of it.  I had a full beard on half my face and the other half looked like I had tried to trim it using a budgie on drugs.

Nasal Trimmer

Out came the scissors and comb to make good the mess that I had previously called my face.  Now royally peed off with the product, I decided to see if the nasal trimmer was any better (not that I had a need for it of course – honest).

Oh, God!  No it wasn’t.  It seems that the best way to use the nasal trimmer is to hold one end of the hair in a tweezers and guide it carefully into the blades of the trimmer.  That I ended up going to those extremes at all should negate the need for me to expand on the process I went through further.  Suffice to say that once again a scissors would be far more effective.

Boots Sell an Inferior Product

I frankly couldn’t believe that a shop with a reputation like Boots could sell such an inferior product.  I take it the Boots buyers never actually got a demonstration of the product in action.

Rejecting a Birthday Present

Then came the really awkward part.  How to tell my other half that the present she had lovingly bought me was a stinking pile of defecation that was about as much use as a bunch of daffodils when it came to actually trimming hair.  I just had to bite the bullet.  It was that or pretend that I was using it, leaving it on the bedside locker to mock me for my lack of guts and allowing the makers to believe that they had a happy customer.  No, No, 1,000 times No.

Is there no quality control in BaByliss?  Do they not want customers that will write positive things about their products in reviews rather than ones like this?

I appreciate that BaByliss products are not exactly at the top end of the market.  Surely though, there is some law somewhere that prevents the sale of such snake oil?  Aha, the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services act!

Goods must be fit for purpose (to paraphrase the legalese).  Once I explained this to my better half she felt a little better about returning it to Boots.  She had been worried that they would not take it back because it had been used (although used implies that it worked when it didn’t).  It was also preferable that she returned it rather than me, because she was much more likely to be pleasant about it.  This is conducive to being well received.  I appreciate that fact, but find it hard to adhere to it in situations such as this.

Boots, as it turned out did not question her at all.  This got me thinking…… are Boots used to getting returns of BaByliss products?  Are they selling products that they know to be substandard through the number of returns, but are willing to sell them anyway because not everybody returns them and they have a good returns deal with BaByliss?

At least they refunded rather than offering a replacement.  I have every confidence in my assertion that any replacement would have been no better unless perhaps they replaced it with something made by Braun perhaps (Braun may make donations for this mention if they wish).

Low price point products have a place in the market certainly.  Goods that are not fit for purpose do not.  I have bought many products that were cheap knowing that I could have got something better if I was willing to pay for it (my old Mazda 121 being a prime example).  However, that old car worked and passed it’s NCT.  Unfortunately there is no NBTTT (National Beard Trimmer Test).  If there was then the BaByliss Grooming set would not be passing it in a hurry.

BaByliss Website

I went to the BaByliss website.  There is no mention of this product, since they have since brought out a 10 in 1 product.  I wonder if they dare send me that to review?  Is it 10 things to go wrong instead of just 6?

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