Christmas Wreaths

We have just completed making our Christmas Wreaths!

Christmas Wreath hanging on Door

One of our Luxury Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths have become a trend setting item this year.  Perhaps it’s part of the whole nostalgia that a recession brings.  There are lots of different types of wreaths available throughout the country at the moment.  We saw what was on offer and decided to go for a look that can only be described as decadent!

Our wreaths have a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of €33, but we are selling them at the market in Laragh, Co. Wicklow tomorrow (11th December) for just €25. We will also have table centerpieces with candles available at the market and individual sprigs of holly.

All our Christmas Wreaths have been handmade in Co. Wicklow.

Christmas wreath with dried fruit

Christmas Wreath with dried fruit, cinamon and Wheat

The base is made of moss on a wire frame.  This is then decorated with spruce and holly, pine cones, Christmas baubles, ribbons and even dried fruit and wheat in some cases.

We have seen wreaths similar to ours sell for nearly €60 so be sure to get to the Christmas Market in Laragh and get yourself a real bargain.

If you are interested in stocking our wreaths call Ian on 086 – 381 7149.

Christmas Memorial Wreaths

Christmas Wreath for Graves

Memorial Christmas wreath for your dearly departed's graveside.

We also have a small number of wreaths suitable for the graves of your dearly departed available – see picture.

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