Dog Kennels Wicklow

Boarding Kennels Wicklow

Picture from the website of Sugarloaf Boarding Kennels Wicklow

I’ve just collected my dog from a Dog Kennels in Wicklow.  I was away for 3 nights and my dog (a border collie cross) is too much of a handful for any of my family to look after. He has only just turned one and has LOTS of energy.

This was his second time in a dog kennels.  Both of them have been in Wicklow since that is where I live.  I thought I should write an independent review of the kennels he has just been in since I was very pleased with the service.

The Kennels are the Sugarloaf Boarding Kennels in Kilmacanogue Co. Wicklow.  The owner, Andy, is an extremely affable man who really cares about the dogs.  He only opened up this summer and has gone to a lot of effort with the setup.

Dog Kennel Area

The kennel area is all tiled.  This looks a little austere, but it means that it is extremely hygienic which is a must for any kennels.  Vaccination certs for jabs and Kennel cough do not certify that a dog is flea or worm free for example.  The kennel spaces are large enough for my reasonably big dog to be happy in and there is even an infra-red lamp to keep the dogs warm at night.  That’s better than my dog has at home where he often chooses to sleep out on the stones at the back of the house rather than in his kennel (weather permitting).

Andy had provided bedding for my dog, but I asked him to remove it because my dog would have just eaten it.

Secure Kennels

The kennels were very secure.  There was no way that my clever dog was going to be able to work out a way to escape.  Andy also makes sure that dogs that play together are housed next to each other which again helps them in a new and strange environment.

Excercise and play

Obviously if you have a bitch in heat it is going to have to be kept separate from keen admirers. Other than that the dogs are allowed to exercise and play together, which makes it a fun experience for them.  The outdoor exercise field has plenty of space and is completely fenced in.  The dogs receive individual attention throughout the day too.

Dog Food

Bring your own dog food.  Sugarloaf Boarding Kennels can provide food but they encourage you to bring your own food so that the dogs are not getting a different diet from their normal one.  This presumably means more work for staff but helps the dogs settle better. I felt that this was indicative of the level of care I could expect for my much loved mutt.

Boarding Kennel Rates

At present the rates for boarding are only €15 per night!  This is a full €10 less expensive than the last boarding kennel I put my dog in.  There are also discounts available for long stays etc. While I wasn’t going to argue, I would have been happy to pay €20 a night and would have still felt I got really good value for money over the last place.  I would expect boarding rates to go up because it is a new business and there is probably no need to undercut the competition to that extent when the service is so good.

Kennel Location and Directions

Sugarloaf Boarding Kennels is located right on the Sugarloaf.  You have to drive up a very steep hill (Red Lane) to get there from the N11

Travelling from Dublin

Follow M11 to N11, take left exit  R755 for Glendalough/Roundwood, stay on R755 for approximately 3KM,  take 1st left exit  (for Sugarloaf Mountain) continue for approx. 1.5KM, after passing the Sugarloaf Mountain exit. Sugarloaf Kennels is the third dwelling exit on the left.

 Travelling from Wexford/Wicklow

Follow N11 until you pass through the village of Kilpeddar, take the next left exit for the Glenview Hotel, at T-Junction turn left, take the second exit for the Red Lane (secondary road adjacent to hotel entrance), continue for approx. 1Km, take a right turn at “Y” junction, then travel for another 1Km. Sugarloaf Kennels is the 7th dwelling exit on the right.


If you need somewhere to board you dog I can’t recommend Sugarloaf Boarding Kennels enough.  They even do day boarding (if you are going in for your Christmas shopping for example).

You can contact Andy on 086 3005 212 or by email at

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