What does a tooth fairy give for teeth?

Amy Winehouse missing tooth

Tooth fairies are not interested in adult teeth. A wrap of smack will not be the reward for putting one under your pillow!

This is a question that should probably be asked before the tooth comes out.  Lets face it, there is plenty of wobbly warning most of the time.  Tooth fairies have been around for ages too and they probably gave you something for your teeth.

Here is what the tooth fairy just left my daughter who lost her tooth last night:

  1. Real Money: 3 euros (just over 4 dollars).  This was probably too much.  I may steal some back later.  A six year old doesn’t really have any concept of the value of money.
  2. A chocolate coin.  She announced that some people in school had got chocolate coins.  Luckily I had bought some the day before (I think tooth fairies only use things that are in the house.
  3. A note thanking her for her tooth.  It seems that her tooth fairy’s name was Tinkerbelle.  It must be a popular fairy name, like Sarah or Anna in the human world.  This is very unusual and only happens for very very special children.

What to do with a tooth so that the tooth fairy can get it and leave a reward.

My daughter has been talking about the tooth fairy for at least a year.  Her mother told her that the tooth  fairies bring you something that’s not bad for teeth, so she was convinced that she was likely to get a yoghurt or an apple or something. This is why she was beaming when I produced an eggcup for her to put her tooth under beside her bed.  There was no way a yoghurt or apple was going to fit in that!

An eggcup is the tradition in my family.  In other families the tooth seems to largely be placed under the pillow (usually in a tissue or something of that nature).  I would warn against putting the tooth under the pillow since this creates a dangerous working environment for the tooth fairies.  In the past there have been fairies who have been suffocated when a child rolled in their sleep.  Even without the health dangers, it can be difficult for the fairies to get at the tooth and leave payment without waking the child.

An eggcup beside the bed serves several purposes.  Despite their small size tooth fairies have great ability with eggcups, they can lift them easily and very quietly.  Most importantly though, the eggcup limits the size of what can be put into it.

What did the tooth fairy leave you and your children?  Have you ever seen one?

Leave your comments on this post and I’ll edit the post to reflect any trends.  What did the tooth fairy leave you?

One thought on “What does a tooth fairy give for teeth?

  1. What happens if the child inadvertently swallows the tooth before it can be presented to the Tooth Fairy? My son has swallowed three teeth by mistake and, luckily for him, the tooth fairy has still given him something for the teeth. The last time he lost a tooth he thought he had swallowed it, but when I told him the Tooth Fairy is no longer doing IOU’s, the tooth miraculously re-appeared from somewhere (I won’t go into any detail here as it was not a pretty sight). Surely the Tooth Fairy will start to call in his IOU’s at some stage. What will he do? Will he start pulling adult teeth or does he have a reserve he can call on from kids who have lost more than one tooth at a time, if such an occurrence is possible?

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