Wicklow Accent

I’m a bit of a blow in to Wicklow. The accent fascinates me though. I’m talking about the real Wicklow accent here, the one that pronounces it Wickleh. This is very different from the South Dublin influx into parts of Wicklow where the accent has more in common with Foxrock … Continue reading

Christmas Wreaths

We have just completed making our Christmas Wreaths! Christmas Wreaths have become a trend setting item this year.  Perhaps it’s part of the whole nostalgia that a recession brings.  There are lots of different types of wreaths available throughout the country at the moment.  We saw what was on offer … Continue reading

Dog Kennels Wicklow

I’ve just collected my dog from a Dog Kennels in Wicklow.  I was away for 3 nights and my dog (a border collie cross) is too much of a handful for any of my family to look after. He has only just turned one and has LOTS of energy. This … Continue reading

What does a tooth fairy give for teeth?

This is a question that should probably be asked before the tooth comes out.  Lets face it, there is plenty of wobbly warning most of the time.  Tooth fairies have been around for ages too and they probably gave you something for your teeth. Here is what the tooth fairy … Continue reading

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