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I have just finished working on a Medical Jobs website for Irelands best Medical Recruitment Agency, Jackie Brown Medical.

Recruitment is a really interesting vertical to work in when it comes to web design.  Since the business exists nearly entirely online, SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is crucial to the success of any recruitment agency.  This is no less true in a niche vertical like medical jobs.

Screen shot of Jackie Brown Medical website

Inviting Colours, movement and "activities" are all important to the success of a website. So too is SEO. These are things that help Jackie Brown Medical stay at the top of the Medical Jobs market.

Getting the balance right between the user experience and pleasing the search engines is never easy.  In theory, there should be no difference.  Just designing for your users should be enough to ensure success.  In practice however, it is necessary to keep in mind the differences between real human beings and search engines.  In particular, the different way an algorithm sees a website to that of a human perception.

People are image driven.  Google can’t see images.  People like movement and action.  Google likes text, and plenty of it.

With the new design for Jackie Brown Medical I have kept a balance.  Using animation keeps the site fresh, while allowing me to put in more text without it being annoying to human visitors.  In fact it should add to their experience.

Designing for Jackie Brown Medical is a tough job.  They are the leading Medical Jobs recruiter in Ireland and they have got there because they have extremely high standards.  The website had to reflect those standards.  Functionally, the website had to be as good as the big job boards, but with a more friendly and approachable look.

Jackie Brown Medical Wanted to get across that they are different to other Recruitment Agencies in the level of care they give to job seekers and employers.  Building a website that delivers on function, with the ability to post medical jobs, integrate with social media and be coded with standards compliant code are not enough.  The look is very important.

The colour scheme for the site was taken directly from the Jackie Brown Medical logo.  This is very important for building branding.  Colour association is a great tool for any business.  The font size is bigger than on a lot of sites too.  While this is a bit of a nightmare for a designer, it makes the site more legible for the people who really matter… the users.

Have a look at the site and feel free to leave a comment here with any feedback you have.  There is no such thing as bad criticism.  Lastly, if you want to work with a really good recruiter for your medical jobs, then I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jackie Brown Medical.

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